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Local Business Marketing in Orlando!

Best Orlando Digital & Internet Marketing Strategies!


Orlando Local Business Marketing is what we do!

If you’re running a local business – especially in the services industries – a lot of traffic from people half-way around the world is not what you’re after. By last year, 54% of Americans had substituted internet local search for phone books, and the explosive growth of mobile has increased that dramatically already in 2010.

Just like the search engines, customers searching your area know to use your city or municipality name as part of their search. With an SEO optimized site that’s supported by a consistent local search marketing program, when your ideal client is looking for what you do, they find YOU, not your competitors. So if your targeted prospects are switching to search engines over conventional Yellow Pages for their local search, don’t you think you should, too?

Local search optimization might seem daunting, but we’ve got a hundred ways to get your traffic more focused, and more specific to your city, state, region or whatever geographic area you’re targeting.

You already know your customers prefer the personal service and attention they receive in your premises, whether you’re running a restaurant, a beauty salon or a tax preparation office.  Customers coming to you need to know where you are, what region you’re serving and how they can find you.

Local customers increasingly want to know what other customers thought of the service you provided.

Guess what? Your search engines want to know, too!

Our Local Search Optimization and Local Search Marketing service in Orlando is designed to deliver results:

  • Full management of all appropriate listings and review media covering your area
  • Local website optimization
  • Ongoing local content development
  • Social media outreach and viral content development

If your service or customer base is local, we’ll work to improve sales by focusing your website on service to an appropriate area. We’ll deliver better traffic and improve your message and your standing in your local area. We can even make you a popular figure with the people who want to know about businesses like yours.

If you’re not receiving traffic specific to your local business in the Greater Orlando area, or you just want to improve your standing with the local fan base, fill out the form to the right, or give us a call at 407-641-1580.