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Why Choose Us?

Orange Rock Media combines innovative web techniques with years of web experience to provide secure, flexible and relevant platforms.  We use agile development techniques that helps you create new revenue channels that respond to the changing needs of consumers.  We look at every revenue opportunity and apply the same process.

Our evaluations insures that the project scope is efficiently researched so we can provide the best recommendations based on your time and money.  Together, we can look into how your business functions, what the users are experiencing, and discuss marketing strategies that are advantageous to your investments.


Project Evaluation

Once we have learned about you and your new opportunities, we gather all of your information and begin our research.  We’ll challenge your ideas, provide our input, and together we can craft your goals into something concise and measurable.  With the information provided, we can provide a comprehensive evaluation that will be the foundation to your new project.

Project Evaluation Scope: Analyzing content, project scope research and correspondence, defining budget requirements and project strategies, and determining prospective services and solutions.

Project Planning

We will plan out your site architecture, fit requirements, and employ user case studies scenarios to ensure your project goes smoothly and is made to easily integrate future additions.

Project Planning Scope: Site map, requirements analysis, software and resource requirements

Content Creation

We will gather all of the best information, edit, and create content that properly represents your business, engages your audience and supports marketing strategies.  From the very beginning, content is carefully crafted to ensure quality and message and is worked on throughout the design and development life-cycles.

Content Creation Scope: Create, edit and migrate content with validation and SEO in mind


Great care is taken throughout the design process to ensure that user experience is efficient, useful and elegant.  It takes a wide range of design principles, practices and creative forethought to make sure that the site will be able to grow as the mansion becomes more popular over time.

Design Scope: Wireframe and design elements planning, mock-ups based on requirements analysis & review and approval cycle


It takes quality development and foresight to employ Responsive Design techniques that restructure the content to fill the screen appropriately to the size of the user’s display.  We are also laying the foundation for many new creative features by taking future designs into consideration with beginning development features.

Development Scope: Configuring development framework, configuring and integrating platforms, migrate content, test links and functionality, cross browser check, and preparation for launch.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

We are able to increase traffic to the website by creating useful and intriguing content while utilizing leading SEO practices to conduct the most effective search engine marketing strategy for your business.

SEO Scope: Establish Google analytics goal conversions, keyword research, pay-per-click campaign strategy, competitor analysis, and link management strategy

Pre-launch testing

We go through a rigorous checklist to ensure that once everything has been finalized, tested and the site is ready to go live, we have no issues with launching the site.

Pre-Launch Scope: Test links and functionality, cross browser check, and preparation for launch.

Launch and Post-launch

After the site is launched, we must take time to test for bugs, broken links and other small user functionality problems that may arise.

Post-launch Scope: Polishing, synchronize social media, transfer to live server, Post launch test and coordinated press release

Project Management

We will make sure your project stays on track and that you are always well-informed of our progress. We will be handling correspondence, conducting progress and development meetings, motivating ideas and organizing project priorities throughout the project’s cycle.